Thanksgiving Baskets 2021


Here’s how you can help!

  • Donations of food or dollars – you can contribute online here: click “give as guest”, select “Transitional” instead of “General Offerings”, and we only want your email for tax receipt purposes.
  • Packing boxes, dividing up vegetables, delivering boxes – after we buy all the food, we need to organize it. Need volunteers between Nov. 19-23
  • Buying food – we shop the deals! We have done a great job so far and gotten all of the turkeys and pies that we need. What’s remaining on the list is broth and butter. Safeway and QFC have sales for butter at  at Safeway, limit 5 pounds at QFC. You may need to activate the coupon on the store’s shopping app. We can reimburse you!
      • Safeway: butter for $1.77/lb with limit 2 pounds
      • QFC Butter for $1.77/lb with limit 5 pounds
      • Broth in tetra boxes – 3 for $5 at Safeway

Our current inventory is here. Text or call Harriet at 206-992-2407 so she can update the totals!


We are giving away Thanksgiving baskets Monday, Nov. 22, 2021 from 2-5pm at the north entrance to the church. We’re welcoming the parents from Olympic View Elementary School who signed up for Thanksgiving dinners with all the trimmings: yams, potatoes, carrots, and celery, rolls, butter, green beans, cranberry sauce, corn, stuffing, gravy, a whole bird,  and pie with whipped topping for desert. We hope you will be able to enjoy this day in November as a time to appreciate each other and everything we’ve been through this year. We are able to serve around 70 families and 300 people of all ages, with about half of the food going to a domestic violence shelter, and the rest feeding families from the Olympic View community.


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