On Earth Peace

Today, the mantle of our denominational peace witness is borne by On Earth Peace.  Begun by M.R. Zigler and friends, On Earth Peace made peace education of young people the focus of the work.  The organization taught the biblical basis of pacifism and advocated for men who sought assistance in their conscientious objection to military service.

Through the years, OEP has equipped leaders to teach and inspire the church at camps, retreats, workshops, and conferences.  It began the Ministry of Reconciliation to provide conflict resolution services.  It has expanded its witness outside the church, helping those returning from military service abroad to find the support they need to re-enter civilian life, and supporting parents concerned about the militarization of popular culture and the false promises of military recruiters.

Many people consider the meager efforts of peacemakers to be ineffectual against the billions spent to fund the armies of the world.  But more than effective, we are called to be faithful to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  At a minimum, this requires that we diligently pursue the things that make for peace.  This is why On Earth Peace receives our sustained support.

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