Church Council of Greater Seattle

The Church Council of Greater Seattle is Olympic View Community Church’s closest-to-home ecumenical network.  As with World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches of Christ, The Church Council of Greater Seattle increases the strength of its member churches’ efforts by facilitating and coordinating cooperative means of addressing social justice and human needs issues in our region.

Historically, The Church Council of Greater Seattle has stood up for groups whose civil rights were threatened and revoked, such as Japanese immigrants (and American citizens) during the WWII era.  Since that time, the council worked for school desegregation, and, more recently, has bolstered efforts to educate congregations about the needs of homeless people so as to create a healthier community to be shared among all Seattle’s people.  It takes everyone, across denominations, to fuel comprehensive and effective programs that assist in the alleviation of the struggles of those going through hard times.

Olympic View believes in these efforts: to make large scale, wide reaching social justice change, it is important for Christians and congregations, together, to embrace effective outreach efforts at a local level.

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