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Olympic View is a community church and a Church of the Brethren.

We seek to bear witness to the radically transforming power of God’s love.

Jesus is our example. He gathered together the common folk of his day, and taught them how to be healers, peacemakers, and prophets.  Together, they tended to the needs of individuals and the challenges of their society.  They sought to align their lives and their living with love’s purpose.  As a community we seek to continue this work. We do not learn how to love when we are isolated from others.  We do not teach our children how to serve without ourselves being in relationship with others.  And we do not learn humility without learning to honor the diversity of perspectives and experiences of neighbors near and far.

We are keenly aware of those who are disillusioned with religion.  Many have felt the sting of legalism with its impossible demands.  In truth, organized religion has much to answer for.  Too often, it has fallen captive to the love of power rather than courageously acting out the power of love.  Too often, it has justified the actions of the mighty and failed to stand up for the weak.  Thus, we do not place our faith in the institution of the church, but rather in the spirit which emerges within people and communities which practice loving.

We welcome those looking for a church home to join us.  We also welcome those of other faiths and persuasions to evangelize us, to help us find and enlarge our common ground so that we can together work for those things which cannot be accomplished on our own.  We don’t have all the answers, and this work is too important to be waylaid by our pride, cynicism, or apathy.

We’re located in Maple Leaf!

Church Services


11 am – Worship Service 


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  1. Virginia Wright

    I would like to join your Face Book group and wasn’t successful this morning in finding out how to do that. I have been streaming You Tube sermons for several months and now would like to join the Book Club Zoom Group. I live north of Bellingham.


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