Finding Your Voice ~ May 3, 2020

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My Faith Looks Up to Thee, Ray Palmer, performed by church pianist Annie Center


Welcome to worship with Olympic View Community Church. This morning, we continue to share our worship together online. As we continue to explore this new format together, hope that you find these services meaningful, and I am always open to, and would greatly welcome any feedback or suggestions you might have.

Since we can’t greet each other in person to pass the peace of Christ, let’s instead think of those we would like to offer peace, whether those in our church family, or others we can think of who would benefit from the sharing of peace today. Feel free to say their names aloud, to pray for peace for them, or simply think a peaceful thought for them silently. Let’s take a few moments to pass the peace to others from wherever we are, while Annie plays an interlude for us.


 Meditation by Thais, performed by church musician Annie Center and her brother Bryan

Let’s take a deep breath, quiet our minds and hearts, as we light a candle to represent the Spirit among us. Let us call ourselves to worship.

Call to Worship

We are the church.
We join our hearts together.
We listen for the word of God through scripture.
We feel each other’s joy and sorrow as we share in prayer together.
Today, we share worship together, and remember we are one,
Though we cannot be together; we are the church,
And we gather across time and space to worship God now.


Incarnate God,
You are the one who comes to us in Jesus Christ.
Holy One, 
You are the one who comes to us in the Holy Spirit.
Sovereign of Earth and Heaven, 
You are the one who calls us to recognize you today and every day
As splendid Mystery.
Gather our hearts and minds this day.
Kindle our God-consciousness.
Let us worship you in awe and wonder!

Psalm of the Day        Psalm 23        NRSV

Scripture Video          Mizmor L’David         Sung in the original Hebrew

A Time of Prayer

So as we come to our normal time of sharing prayer together from a distance. From my conversations with some of you, I have included those concerns shared in our prayer today. If you have items you would like lifted in prayer, please leave a comment below, or email myself at, and I will make sure to include them next week, as well as send a prayer chain email, unless directed otherwise.

Join me in prayer.

Pastoral Prayer

O Lord, our Shepherding God,
come close to us now
Come near us in our time of need.

Shepherding God,
we need you in our time of anxiety.
We need you in our time of economic uncertainty.
We need you in a time of a globe-trotting disease.
We need you to bind our wounds,
and pour your healing ointment on our heads .
We need the briars, and brambles, and burrs 
pulled out of our fleece and skin.

Shepherding God.
you guide us with your voice,
Help us to listen and follow no matter where your voice leads.
Help us to trust you.

Shepherding God,
protect us from the hired hands
that do not really care for us
and have neglected or abused us in the past.

Shepherding God,
thank you for your son
who laid down his life for those who follow him
and for those who are not in the fold yet..

Lord we pray for those who don’t know the shepherd,
whose life circumstances kept them from knowing the good shepherd.
We pray that by our actions, our behavior,
and our reaching out into the community,
they may come to know you.

Shepherding God,
renew us, guide us with your love
and renew us with your peace. 

Gospel Reading          John 10:1-10

Gospel Video  John 10:1-10 Parable of the Shepherd and Christ the Gate – Sunday May 11, 2014   
by Chuck Lentine

Children’s Activity

Message – Finding Your Voice

Call to Serve

The Shepherd cares for us,
providing all that we need in abundance.
The Shepherd calls us to love one another
in truth and action.

May our gifts reflect our trust in the Shepherd’s care.
May our offerings show our willingness to love one another.

We are very grateful for the financial support and generosity this past month.   Thanks to your faithful support, we were able to meet our commitments to our staff and our other financial obligations. As we continue to be beacons of God’s grace in continuing to support our staff financially, and showing leniency to our tenants, please continue to consider lending your support, that we may work together to extend grace in these trying times. If you would like to make a donation, gifts can still be mailed to our church office, or online donations can be made here. Thanks again for all your support, and may we continue to work together to keep being a place of ministry and peace in these difficult days.


A Time for Reflection

My God Is Real,  written by Kenneth Morris
    performed by church musician Annie Center,   used under CCLI Streaming License 20261246  


The Prayer of Thanksgiving

God of love,
you abide with us;
you provide for all our needs
and guide us in your ways.
Out of gratitude for your care,
we bring our gifts before you.
Use them for your work of caring,
that all may feast at the table of abundance,
walk without fear,
and drink deeply
from the cup of compassion. Amen.


Peace be in your heart. Peace be on your tongue, and know you are forgiven; seek to speak in love. Peace be in your gut, to calm the rage that you feel; channel your anger into positive work for justice. Peace be in your hands, to help those in need, rather than to harm those who’ve hurt you. Peace be in your soul, knowing that you are not alone. God is with you, in the friends who share their love with you. Peace be in your heart. Peace be with you. Amen.

As we extinguish this candle, may we keep its light alive, shining through our own lives, as we seek to find Jesus at work in the world around us.


There Is Something About That Name by Bill and Gloria Gaither, performed by church pianist Annie Center, used under CCLI Streaming License 20261246

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