Stained Glass Windows

This is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. ~ Psalm 118:24

The Psalm for today has the line, “The LORD is God, and he has given us light.” Sunshine is white light which is the combination of all the colors in the rainbow. When the sun shines through stained glass, it becomes radiant, dazzling, and intense. Each color is different and beautiful. When God’s love shines through us, we also glow and feel stronger. It’s easier to get along with other people, and we want to help others without anybody telling us! If you can get another person to feel this way in their heart, there is more of God’s light in the human world, and we can shine in all of our different colors to make a beautiful picture together. 

Today we’re going to make stained glass windows – when you are done, you can tape them to your real windows for decoration! Please ask your parent to help you get set up. They might want to do the crayon shaving part, because you can cut your fingers if you aren’t careful.

You will need crayons, a grater, wax paper, some microwave safe plates, and a microwave.

Grate some crayons to get little tiny shavings.

Arrange your shavings on wax paper, and make sure there’s lots of room because it will spread out.

Cover with another sheet of wax paper. Parchment paper works too, but NOT plastic wrap.

Put another plate on top and press them together.

Microwave for 45-60 seconds. It’s fine if it’s runny, because it lets the light shine through.

Don’t forget to help clean up! I was able to wipe off all the melted crayon stuff pretty easily with a paper towel.

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