A message from Interim Pastor, Jeff Barker…

Pastor’s Notes…Jeff Barker at OV desk

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

As we send out this October / November Newsletter, I have been with you as your Interim Pastor almost a month.  The welcome and support I have received has been awesome!  Thankfulness filled my heart as I began to think about this article, and the themes of Thanksgiving and gratitude seem only natural as I looked at the calendar of events and church meetings scheduled for November.

In November we will host the OV Holiday Craft Bazaar (more details in the coming pages!) and we will also have our annual Fall General Assembly and Potluck on November 15.  At this meeting, the church’s major business, financial and ministry issues for the concluding and upcoming year will be discussed and faithfully discerned.

Then, we will conclude November by preparing and distributing Thanksgiving Baskets to community members in need.  Many hands and hearts will be needed to purchase, prepare and deliver these baskets to our neighbors in the community.  Please see Jessica’s article on Page 3 which outlines how you can help support this major end of the year mission-outreach!

November and the season of Thanksgiving are just around the corner.  Let us, as a community and family of faith, all pledge to roll up our sleeves and help out where needed to serve Christ and our Parish in the month and days that lie ahead.  God calls us to put our Thanksgiving faith into action.  The season of Thanksgiving is here.  We thank God for the gifts he has given us in the year now concluding.  In faith, let us in return work to serve God and the church in November as sign and symbol of our gratitude and thankfulness to God.

Peace be with you all,

Pastor Jeff

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  1. Bobby Gray

    My Brother! I hope you are well. Call me let’s talk. My cell number is 937-789-8984. I want to catch up. Love you man!

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