…But not forgotten… 

You’ll recall that barely four months back the south Asian nation of Nepal suffered the first of two devastating earthquakes. The tremblers left nearly 9000 people dead, thousands of buildings demolished (including 90 percent of schools in some districts) and the people of this already-poor country in even worse straits.

New Community Project has been involved in Nepal for 10 years, supporting girls’ education and women’s development, and sending Learning Tour groups and Solidarity Workers. Our current partner is Shakti Samuha, an organization created by former sex workers to assist young women who have been trafficked into the sex trade recuperate once they return home to Nepal—where their own families and communities often will not take them back.
Our friends at Shakti tell us that the recent earthquakes have had the effect of escalating the sex trade, since the economy is now even weaker than before. From director Sunita Danuwar: For the trafficker, this is the favorable time to go communities and lure people away to better opportunities in India—and this is what is happening with these girls. We are hearing that small girls from the most affected districts have already trafficked to India after earthquake.”
So we might say the earth is still shaking under the feet of these young women.
Shakti has asked for our help in stemming the flow of these young women from earthquake-affected zones into the sex trade. They say the keys are to rebuild schools, to help girls stay in school, and to assist formerly trafficked women in returning to school or finding gainful employment—as it’s easy at a time like this to fall back into what you knew.
  • help young girls stay in school ($30 per girl for books, backpacks and a uniform)
  • assist formerly trafficked girls in finishing high school ($200 per girl)
  • microloans for especially vulnerable young women to start small businesses ($250 each)
  • vocational training for trafficking survivors ($500 one-time training program)
  • build a school in a community in one of the most devastated districts ($15,000)
  • provide goats, oxen, buffalo for communities ($100 to $1000 each)
We’re calling this campaign “…But not forgotten…” and here’s our new webpage with all the details.  And as always with our Special Projects, 100 percent of contributions go to the programs themselves.
We’re also taking a Learning Tour to Nepal this January–would love to have someone from Olympic View or the Seattle area join us!
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Introducing Sunny Language Academy!

Olympic View Community Church is excited to welcome our new community partner, Lan Zhang and the Sunny Language Academy preschool program.  Sunny Language Academy is a unique Mandarin Chinese immersion program that will be utilizing classroom 111 on the lower level, with access from our back parking area.  We are happy to be able to share our space with such a vibrant new program!  You can learn more about Sunny Language Academy on their website:  


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For more information, call the church office at: 206.525.8900

Library Catalog – now online!

Thanks especially to the hard work of Kathryn Smith-Derksen, our church library renovation is complete.

Members and friends can now browse our collection on-line.

Please take some time to check it out and see what’s there.  You’ll still need to come to the library to sign the books out.


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