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Adult Sunday School:


Living Gently in a Violent World 

The church has much to learn from an often overlooked community–those with disabilities.  We explore with theologian Stanley Hauerwas and Jean Vanier, founder of the worldwide L’Arche communities, how everyday Christians can embody a different way of being–one marked by gentleness, peacemaking and faithfulness.

Class led by our own Bobbi Dykema, PhD during the Lenten season.



How Can We Become a More Elder-Friendly Community?

Aging & Disability Services (ADS)—the Area Agency on Aging for Seattle-King County—wants to know how you think we can become a more elder-friendly community. Every four years, ADS develops a plan that charts the course the agency will take in creating an elder-friendly community. ADS looks at demographics and other trends, and major service goals and objectives. Public input is important, and ADS has created a survey—available on Survey Monkey and also in print—that will help shape the plan for 2016–2019. Take the survey at Learn more in this recent AgeWise King County article. Questions? Contact ADS planner Karen Winston (karen [dot] winston [at] seattle [dot] gov or 206-684-0706).


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PNWD’s Spring Event

March 6-8, 2015

How shall we sing the Lord’s song?

This question from the 137th psalm is our theme for the weekend.  Faced with declining attendance and budgets, “business as usual” is not an option for many of our churches.  What creativity can we bring to the challenge of being church in changing circumstances?

Guest speaker: Jonathan Shively currently serves as the executive director of Congregational Life Ministries for the Church of the Brethren.  A former pastor of a small church, Jonathan has particular empathy for churches like ours.

Oh, and did the theme mention something about “singing the Lord’s song”?  Jonathan is also an accomplished musician.

Registration is now open!  For schedule, registration information and other details, click here or visit

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Guatemala Immersion

Unión Victoria Learning Tour

April 10-19, 2015

We’ve been taught  ‘God helps those who help themselves.’  But what if the way we ‘help ourselves’ actually makes things harder for others?

The globalization of economies and cultures creates both danger and opportunity at home and abroad.  For some of us, the issues feel academic.  To those on the edge of economic survival they are anything but.

Our learning tour will give participants the chance to live with and learn from those who experience globalization from the bottom up.

The conventional western models of development were part of what sparked and fueled thirty years of Guatemalan civil war.  Out of desperation, the indigenous people of Guatemala’s hill country came together to survive and resist the forces dividing their people.

After the war, the challenge turned to building a just and sustainable future in Unión Victoria, a village designed from scratch on an old coffee plantation up in the hills.

Ninety families, with support from the government, the church, and non-governmental partners have built homes, schools, and health clinics.  Together they maintain and operate their coffee cooperative, hydro-power system, bridge, roads, botanical nursery and community center.  Families earn income from both private and collective economic pursuits.

But it’s not utopia.  Climate change, deforestation, poor access to increasingly volatile markets, and limited capital keep the people of Unión Victoria living on the edge.  They know short-term solutions can create longer term problems so they continue seeking new knowledge and methods.

Our small delegation will give you the chance to build friendships with warm, open, courageous, and determined people.

You will join them in their study and practice of building sustainable community.

You will return home with a deeper understanding of how your lifestyle and our public policies affect those living on the edge.

And if you are willing, you will have enlarged the circle of your concern, commitment  and creativity with new partners and a common pursuit.

Cost: $700 plus about $700 in airfare.

Register your interest with:

Ken Miller Rieman, Pastor, Olympic View Community Church

206.920.4893 (mobile) / kenrieman [at] gmail [dot] com

Click here for a printable flyer!

Click here to read “Christmas on the Edge”, a reflection from our BVS team living in Unión Victoria, Guatemala!

Youth Night 1

Junior and Senior High Youth are invited to:

Youth Night at Olympic View 

Every Thursday from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Experience spirit-filled gathering in community, art-making, games, movies, outings, and much more.  Meet new friends, ask questions, share stories, eat great food, and have fun! 

Thursday, February 26:  This week, Jesus challenges the disciples, “Those who lose their life for my sake will save it.” We’ll have a chance to share with and hear from one another about what Jesus and church mean to each of us, to take ownership of our church space with a cleanup challenge, and to blow some bubbles!  Join us!!

For more information, call the church office at: 206.525.8900

Library Catalog – now online!

Thanks especially to the hard work of Kathryn Smith-Derksen, our church library renovation is complete.

Members and friends can now browse our collection on-line.

Please take some time to check it out and see what’s there.  You’ll still need to come to the library to sign the books out.


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