Sunday Morning – “Losing to Gain”

There has always been a tension between wealth and possessions and the practice of our faith. What does Jesus really say and how should we react? Join us this Sunday for worship as we delve into this together.

Worship Service at 11 AM

Coffee Fellowship following worship in the Social Hall.

Alternative Worship – Tuesday evenings at 6:30 PM 

Looking for a worship experience that’s less formal, without the pomp and circumstance of Sunday morning? Join us  Tuesday evenings in the church library for an exploration of different ways to worship and experience God together, sharing with each other as we discern together. All are welcome!  

10/16/18 – Wealth – Join us at 6:30 on Tuesday as we consider and discuss what living a radical life of discipleship looks like in regards not only to our personal wealth, but the wealth of our place in the world order.

Here at Olympic View…

We seek to bear witness to the radically transforming power of God’s love.

Toward that end…

We seek to build a community, grounded in love,
whose members empower each other
to extend that love to others.

We seek God’s wisdom,
revealed in the living word and the spirit which speaks to us still.

We seek to be peacemakers
by working for justice for all people.

We seek to harness our unique spiritual gifts,
as individuals and as a body
that our faith would make a difference in our city, our nation, and our world.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning – “Losing to Gain”

  1. Leland Ross

    Wondering if anyone in your church remembers Lilyan Crider. She was my sixth-grade teacher, and I just found out she died 13 years ago, and her memorial service was at your church.

  2. Kelly Peavey

    i previously attended Olympic View church when my family was growing up in the 60s & 70s. Now that my family is grown and my wife has passed on, I would like to get back to the Lord.

    I am a shut-in and using a walker. Would that create a problem?

  3. Glenn Brumbaugh


    I’m glad you are seeking to get back to your faith and your faith community.

    I would be happy to visit with you and we can discuss how we can reconnect you with Olympic View.

    Feel free to email me at vicarglenn [at] gmail [dot] com or you can reach me at the church Tuesdays through Fridays, generally from 10 AM to 2 PM.

    I hope to hear from you!


    Pastor Glenn

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