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Special Event – 9/29 David Radcliff, New Community Project

Join us Sunday, September 29th, as we welcome David Radcliff, the director of New Community Project.  New Community Project is an innovative organization founded to change the world by partnering with groups seeking environmental sustainability and social justice around the globe.  I encourage you to check out their many initiatives on their website:  https://www.newcommunityproject.org/ 

David will be discussing their work during the Sunday School hour, from 9:30-10:30 am in the church library, then will be providing the message during worship at 11 am.  A light lunch will be provided after worship in the Fellowship Hall. 

Come out and hear what God is doing through New Community Project and how we can be a part of that work!

Small Group Opportunities:

Book Club – Second Tuesday of each month – 7 PM

An exciting new small group that has chosen a wide variety of interesting reads for the foreseeable future. Currently reading Educated by Tara Westover. This book is the memoir of a young woman who left her survivalist family to go to school for the very first time when she was 17.  Join us for good discussion and fellowship, even if you haven’t read the book before. The methodology of this book group is to present the book by reading our highlights and expounding on them, which allows anyone to enjoy and engage at whatever level of expertise we may bring with us.


Have an idea for another way to be in community?  Contact Pastor Glenn at (206) 525-8900 or vicarglenn [at] gmail [dot] com.  We are always looking for new ways to fellowship and explore our spirituality together!

Olympic View Community Church welcomes all of God’s children, regardless of identity, to participate fully in the life of our faith community.

Here at Olympic View…

We seek to bear witness to the radically transforming power of God’s love.

Toward that end…

We seek to build a community, grounded in love, whose members empower each other to extend that love to others.

We seek God’s wisdom, revealed in the living Word and the Spirit which speaks to us still.

We seek to be peacemakers by working for justice for all people.

We seek to harness our unique spiritual gifts, as individuals and as a body that our faith would make a difference in our city, our nation, and our world.What does it mean to have a cup that overflows? What does it mean to really show love through grace and mercy? That’s what we’ll be exploring this week as we examine the “Sermon on the Plain.” Join us as we share and worship together! thanks


  1. Leland Ross

    Wondering if anyone in your church remembers Lilyan Crider. She was my sixth-grade teacher, and I just found out she died 13 years ago, and her memorial service was at your church.

  2. Kelly Peavey

    i previously attended Olympic View church when my family was growing up in the 60s & 70s. Now that my family is grown and my wife has passed on, I would like to get back to the Lord.

    I am a shut-in and using a walker. Would that create a problem?

  3. Glenn Brumbaugh


    I’m glad you are seeking to get back to your faith and your faith community.

    I would be happy to visit with you and we can discuss how we can reconnect you with Olympic View.

    Feel free to email me at vicarglenn [at] gmail [dot] com or you can reach me at the church Tuesdays through Fridays, generally from 10 AM to 2 PM.

    I hope to hear from you!


    Pastor Glenn

  4. Mary Hopkins-HuffI

    I’m the daughter of Dewey Rowe, founder of Olympic View, back in the late 40’s. I currently live. At Crista Shores in Silverdale, Wa. My daughter and I are planning on attending Olympic View Church the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Am looking forward to meeting Glen.

  5. Glenn Brumbaugh


    It will be great to have you visit us after Thanksgiving. I look forward to meeting you!


    Pastor Glenn

  6. Glenn

    Are you having a Christmas Day service?

  7. Harriet Koscho

    No, we don’t have a service on Christmas Day, unless it’s a year where Christmas lands on a Sunday. We do have a candle-lit Christmas Eve service on December 24 at 4:30, where we end up in a circle of light singing “Silent Night” together.

  8. Forrest Wilkinson

    Responding to Leland Ross’s message from 2018: I remember Lilian Kreider and her husband. There are others at the Church who knew her better than I did. She always dressed very well, looked quite distinguished.

  9. David Radcliff

    Hi friends at Olympic View. Long time, no see! And Glenn, I’m not sure if we’ve met, but I have known several of your predecessors, and have visited OV several times over the past decades. If you don’t know anything about me, I’m a CoB ordained minister, used to be on the CoB staff in Elgin in the peace office, but for the past 16 years have been director of New Community Project, a small Christian nonprofit just trying to change the world. We work at creation care, human justice, and experiential learning via Learning Tours and Sustainable Living Centers in VA and VT.

    I’m based in Virginia, but it looks like I’ll be in So Cal in early October doing some school visits, and on a lark I checked fares to the NW – and it seems I can add a stop in the Northwest at pretty much no extra cost. So I’m contacting congregations up your way.

    Anyway, I haven’t been there for a while and would love to reconnect. I often preach and do some kind of intergenerational Sunday School. I enjoy talking about living responsibly with God’s creation and God’s children, but am very flexible if you have particular directions you’d like me to take.

    Sept 30 would be the ideal date, but could also possibly make Oct 6 work. I am just back from South Sudan, southern Africa, Myanmar, the Dine reservation, the Amazon and Alaska, so have some fresh experiences to share.

    I realize this is a bit of short notice, but let me know if you see possibilities. As I said, I’m also checking in with others in the general area.

    Blessings and peace,


  10. Pastor Bob Nicholson

    Dear Anita: Please forward to Pastor Glen. My email address for him did not work!

    it was a very moving experience in ministry on a remote island in a small congregation with under 20 members! I look foraward to reconnecting with you soon. Lunch possible next week? My October prayer and a hymn I wrote while in Petersburg, AK

    Grateful for you and the important ministry of OVCC!

    It’s already October! Soon the leaves will begin to turn, then fall.
    Then the barrenness of winter will be upon us and we will long for spring.
    How quickly the year passes, Lord. In the midst of each season we look to the next.
    Do we miss the present because we long for the future?

    The constant change of seasons reminds us of your faithfulness, Lord.
    In the midst of pain or sorrow or worry or despair, we know that this too shall pass.
    And likewise we know that cool autumn days with blaze with of color will not last.
    There will be “winter days”. But spring will follow.

    In the seasons of our lives we can rest assured that your loving hand is always upon us
    to comfort, to guide, to correct, to support.

    Lord, may I always be grateful for EACH day of this life

    Ma I live in gratitude and praise to you, the giver of all life
    As I move forward in this my journey as your servant.. AMEN

    Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 11.57.23 AM.png

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