Second Sunday in Easter – making supplies

The church has a calendar with special names for certain times of the year. We are in the season of Easter, which lasts until Pentecost, which falls on May 31 this year.

There are so many nice things we can do with eggs, so let’s spend a couple of Sundays getting creative. This week we will prepare some materials for an art project that we’ll do next week.

Part 1 – Pressing flowers

There are so many beautiful flowers blooming right now! Here is a way to preserve their beauty so they will last a long time.

Look for flowers that are flat.
The flowers should also be a bit small – about an inch and a half in diameter.
Lay the flower on a napkin.
Fold the napkin to cover the other side of your flower, and put it between the pages of a thick book.
Repeat this process with a few different types of flowers. Use multiple books.

The flowers will be dried out in a week or so
We just have to wait.


Part 2 – Blowing out eggs

This website has wonderfully detailed instructions about how to remove the insides of an egg while keeping the shell intact. Blow a couple of eggs and save them for next week!


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