Easter Egg Hunt

Can you find them all?

Can you find: 3 bunnies – 6 foil eggs – 18 plastic eggs?

Sometimes it’s hard to see what’s right in front of you. If you couldn’t find all the eggs, it’s not too surprising. If you found both bunnies, 14 plastic eggs and 3 foil eggs you are doing great. If you found more than that, you are very observant! (If you haven’t done this at all yet, that’s fine. You can do it later on today. If you want, email us a picture of YOUR Easter eggs, and tell us how many eggs there are. We will add them to this page.)


After Jesus was crucified on Friday, they took his dead body and put it in a tomb, which was a small cave with just enough room to put his body inside. Then they rolled a large rock in front of the opening to seal it shut. Mary Magdalene was terribly sad. She couldn’t sleep, and she didn’t know what to do. On Sunday morning she left her house before the sun was up. She was crying so hard she thought her heart would break. She went to Jesus’ tomb – and noticed immediately something was wrong. The stone was rolled away, and she could clearly see the opening where Jesus’ body should have been. “I can’t believe it! Somebody has stolen his body!” she exclaimed. Mary went running to the other disciples and found John and Peter first. “Please help – you have to see this!” she said to them. All three of them ran back to the tomb, and John got there first. There was no question about it – Jesus’ body was gone! Peter and John were really tired. They had not slept in three days, so both of them left to go back home. Mary just wanted to be alone. She covered her head and sobbed. After a while, she looked inside the tomb. It wasn’t empty – now there were two angels inside! They saw Mary and how red her eyes were. “Why are you crying?” one of them said. Mary answered, “They have taken away my Lord’s body and I don’t know where it is.” She felt weird because they didn’t seem like normal people, even though they were friendly to her. So she started walking away. She saw a man she didn’t recognize. She thought he must be a gardener who worked there. “If you can tell me where Jesus’ body is, I would carry it back here. I don’t want to bother you, but it’s incredibly important.” She couldn’t see because the tears had come back, and she was sniffing loudly. The man called her name: “Mary!” She recognized the voice. It was Jesus, and he was clearly alive!  “Don’t hug me!!” he said. “I’m not ready for that. But please go and tell the others that you have seen me, and I am alive.”

Mary saw that Jesus’ body was missing, so she called two of her best friends to help. They couldn’t deal with it, so both of them decided they needed to leave. Even though Mary wanted to be alone, she must have felt like her supposed “friends” weren’t trying to make sure she was okay. All of them had just gone through the worst day of their lives. The only thing worse than being alone in such a situation might be noticing strangers looking at you as you are going through your feelings. She was so brave to speak to them, and tell them what she needed in that moment. Imagine how Mary might have felt to learn that these strangers were actually angels who were taking care of Jesus – and that Jesus was alive!



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