Thanksgiving Baskets 2020

We are giving away the second half of our Thanksgiving baskets tomorrow from 2-5pm at the southeast entrance to the church. We’re welcoming the parents from Olympic View Elementary School who signed up for Thanksgiving dinners with all the trimmings: yams, potatoes, carrots, and celery, rolls, butter, green beans, cranberry sauce, corn, stuffing, gravy, a whole bird,  and pie with whipped topping for desert. This year has been one of the hardest in our lives, as we are all dealing with COVID, online school, shutdowns, and needing to wear masks in public. We hope you will be able to enjoy this day in November as a time to appreciate each other and everything we’ve been through this year. We were able to serve around 70 families and 300 people of all ages, with about half of the food going to a domestic violence shelter, and the rest feeding families from the Olympic View community.

We would like to thank everyone who contributed to this effort: The View Ridge PTA, QFC, Grocery Outlet, Lenny’s Produce, HT market, Sea Bend Meats, Olympic View Church, Joyce, Carmen, Kristin, Emilee, Lyndon, Harriet, Kristi, Gabrielle, Lan, Regan. and all the others who helped.


Things are different now because of COVID-19. Coronavirus is killing people. It’s most dangerous for people over 65, but there are many cases where young people have also died, including some that were healthy and fit. Mysteriously, it can also have no symptoms at all for some people. There are a lot of things we don’t know about this, but also we do know this:

1. Coronavirus is a brand new disease. It’s extremely infectious. If you are exposed to a lot of virus, you are more likely to get a bad case.

2. Coronavirus is infectious for a few days before symptoms appear. A person can test positive but they’re still feeling fine, even though they are about to get very sick in a few days. If it takes two days for a test result to come back, the person won’t really know whether to quarantine or not. (This is a HUGE reason why it’s difficult to stop the spread.)

3. Masks and 6-feet-apart help a lot. Being outdoors helps a lot. 

4, You catch it when it gets inside your nose. This can be either from droplets (like spittle) or from aerosols (when an infected person breathes out).

5. It’s obvious to cover your cough or sneeze, we don’t want to get other people sick! But with coronavirus, laughing, talking, and singing, are JUST AS BAD as coughing in terms of breathing out virus (if you are asymtomatic and infectious.)

=============How can we be safer this Thanksgiving?===================

If you only eat with the people in your own household, it’s pretty much the same as your normal everyday life. So it’s less of a problem. However, any person can get infected outside the house and bring it home.

If there’s somebody outside your home joining you, there are a couple of things you can do:
– Wear masks INSIDE when you aren’t eating or drinking.
– Stay 6 feet apart
– CHECK VENTILATION! There’s an easy way to do this with a smoke test: light an incense stick, and observe whether the smoke stays in one place or dissipates quickly. Open doors, crack windows, run fans, etc. in your house until the airflow is strong enough to fully refresh the air in the house. We did this naturally during the summer in Seattle – unlike Texas or Florida, where everybody stays inside with air conditioning and inadequate ventilation.
– Stagger the meal with different shifts of eating and drinking so that some people are wearing masks while others are not.

It is entirely possible to STOP SPREAD with good precautions – for example, Japan and South Korea are also seeing more cases but not uncontrolled spread. Those countries have robust testing, quarantining, and contact tracing systems in place.


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