Anita LaFranchi, Secretary / Administrative Assistant

Anita started working at Olympic View Community Church as our Secretary / Administrative Assistant in July of 2016.  
She has been a Maple Leaf resident for the past 25 years. 


  1. Melinda Young-Flynn

    Hi, Is your Christmas Eve service a candlelight service?

  2. Lenore Unger

    Some time ago, Inotified you of the death of one of your members, Kathy A. Korff, but I see she is still listed as a memberof Olympic View. Kathy died January 8, 2018. There was no service, as she had no family or friends. She was creamated and currently resides in my living room until I can send her to a Kanses cemetery where her parents are interred. Please remove her name from your Membership Roll, and the monthly newsletter you send. Thank you.

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