Pastor Glenn Brumbaugh


Pastor Glenn Brumbaugh became the pastor of Olympic View Nov. 1, 2017. He comes from Pennsylvania with a wide range of ministry experiences in his background. 

Pastor Glenn’s commitment to service and social justice has been a driving force in the ministries he’s been called to.  Graduating from Bethany Theological Seminary in 2013, he’s worked:  as the chaplain in a state park, as a peacemaker with Christian Peacemaker Teams in the Palestinian West Bank, with elderly shut-ins in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, and with at-risk and homeless youth in central Pennsylvania. 

As a pastor, he brings a fresh progressive approach in theology as well as a desire to lead the congregation in becoming a positive force for change in the community.  He’s laid-back and a good listener, always willing to help guide people over the rougher patches of life.

Pastor Glenn is always looking for new ideas and perspectives, so don’t be shy!


  1. John Polanski

    Hi Glenn, John Polanski here pastor at Woodworth CoB in northeast Ohio. Just read your reflection on the back cover of this Sunday’s bulletin. I would flatter myself thinking I’ve come half as close as you did in getting right down to the bone on the sticky notion of inclusion. So grateful to you my brother! Looking forward to being in touch in the future. All the best to you in your efforts.

  2. Glenn Brumbaugh

    Pastor John,

    Thank you for your kind words. I certainly was blessed to be given that scripture to reflect on. Hopefully our paths cross at some point.



  3. Gary Norris

    Hi Pastor Glenn,
    We spoke earlier last year about a carillon for your church. As I pondered what you are trying to accomplish at Olympic View I thought about our church experience with the Carillon and how it was able to minister 24/7 365 days per year and communicate to the surrounding community that you are in their midst to minister to them. I have some recent opportunities with available Carillons which I believe would assist in your ministry and outreach to the Olympic View community. Please give me a call at your convenience. I would be willing to meet with you and demonstrate our carillons and discuss how we can make this work for your church.
    Thanks in advance, Have a Blessed New Year!

  4. Melissa

    Hi, I work for Tilth Alliance on a contract with Seattle Public Utilities Waste Management program. We are visiting churches around Seattle to make sure they are compliant with the city and offer free resources, bins, stickers, posters, and information. Please contact me as soon as possible. I would like to invite a Spanish speaking liaison and we are available March 7th after 10am. Let us know if this time works for you and your community members. We would like to outreach to as many of your community representatives as possible so feel free to invite others.

    We look forward to meeting with you.


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