2017 – 2018 Leaders

Interim Pastor: Rev. Jeffrey L. Barker


Board of Administration

Terms end June 2018.

Executive Committee

Board Chair: Sylvia Hershberger
Church Clerk: Harriet Koscho
Treasurer: Bill Hershberger
Building Trustee: Kristi Morris

Ministry Teams

Youth: Bobbi Dykema
Fellowship: Sylvia Hershberger

Other leaders

Deacon Chairs: Roger and Kathy Edmark
At-large Representatives: Charles Walker, Roger Edmark and Joanne Calderon’

Non-board elected leaders

2017 Annual Conference Delegates: Hariett Koscho
2015-2016 District Conference Delegate: Frosty Wilkinson
Jubilee Trustees: Dorsey Harris, George DeBon, and Roger Edmark

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