Bible Study

There are many ways to study the Bible, but something special happens when we find study partners and groups.  We find ourselves stretched to share the meaning which the text has opened for us.  We are challenged by the perspectives and insight of others.  We draw inspiration when we sense common understanding.  And, more often than not, we find passages that we must struggle with.

We don’t believe there is one correct way to interpret all of scripture, but we believe that scripture can reveal truth to us, no matter where we are on life’s journey.


You might be interested in some of the options provided below.  If these don’t work for you, feel free to suggest a time or venue that would.

Snohomish Bible Study Every Monday night, a small group of church folk in Snohomish County meet for study and sharing.  All are welcome.

Sometimes, one of the Sunday School classes offered focuses on a book of the Bible.

Pastor Ken usually preaches from the Revised Common Lectionary, a selection of Biblical texts which moves through much of the Bible in a three year cycle. The Gospel lessons in 2015 (Year B) usually come from the book of Mark.