Educated by Tara Westover

Tara Westover

As of 9/8/2019 we are on page 130.


“We used to think that education was to teach you how to read, think and plan what you wanted to do. If that were still the definition of education, then Val and LaRee Westover’s homeschooling was successful,” – Westover family’s lawyer 

Educated is about Tara’s childhood and education. She never went to school at all as a child. Instead she started her first job sorting scrap metal with her dad when she was 10. Tara’s mother makes herbal remedies for very severe burns and a lot of other medical conditions. They live in rural Idaho in the shadow of Buck’s Peak.

Tara goes to Brigham Young University when she is seventeen. From there she goes to Cambridge University in Cambridge, England. It’s a completely different world for her.

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